We have planned, styled, attended, written about and loved a lot of weddings. We know what makes a good one and we know exactly how to make IT happen.

We also know that there should be nothing about planning your wedding that makes you feel stressed; not on our watch. So, we offer a whole range of services (for a whole range of budgets), covering everything from full event production, to what you'll wear, to just offering a helping hand, where you need it.

Say hello & we'll begin creating your bespoke package, with no obligations


We Manage, Make, Source, Procure, Co-ordinate, Design and Style anything, or everything to do with your wedding. 


We meet you, figure out what makes you tick, the kind of event you want, and how to make that happen, within your budget. There'll be moodboards, meetings and visits, along with our dedication and hard work, so that your wedding comes to being, exactly as it should. We're creative, but sticklers for organisation, too, so every stage of your planning process will be accompanied by schedules, spreadsheets (which you can ignore, or delve into, as you like) and updates. You'll always know exactly where we're at.

Check out some images of the incredible weddings we've created here

Images by Nathalie Marquez Courtney // Flowers by The Informal Florist