We love working with brands. we understand not just what makes them tick, but what makes them sing.

 Parties are our thing and throwing a party that captures the essence of a brand, driving home its message and capturing its audience, really gives us the thrills. Whether it's a launch, customer evening, promotion or staff event, we have the smarts to make your event the most talked about on its scene.

But we're not just party people; we're also experts at generating written and visual branded content, for digital and print media. And thanks to our editorial experience in areas like weddings, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, interiors, health, travel, family and food, it's safe to say that our skill set can adapt to suit any brand's needs.

Having created the multi award-winning BASH magazine, as well as extending the brand to encompass the BASHPrep workshop series and BASHCreate vendor awards - all for Ireland's most prestigious magazine house, IMAGE Publications - we're no strangers to the power that comes with developing and nurturing a really good brand. What's more, over our 10 years in the industry we have worked with Ireland's best home-grown and international companies; and, independently, have built brands for dynamic Irish startups, too. 

We'd be thrilled to meet you, to talk about your brand and what we can do to help make it sing.


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Hey PR Lady, Summon us to your nerve centre & let's talk about how we can make your job a whole lot easier.